woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Holy Smoke......C=='~~`

Change something and others follow...or not!
Coca-Cola for instance makes now-a-days,tiny 0.5 liter bottles made out of  plastic icw. +/- 22 % starch
in it.

Not okay in my eyes,but hey! who am i,plastic from oil,icw. biological breakable cornstarch.
Use that corn-plasma-shit,for coffee cups by Starbucks, B.A.T. cigarettes(take the "plasma" out of the nicotiana tabacum for it) i smoke a lot,i mean really throw away stuff when on the move,think about snack-cups and on...
But trying making the unbreakable,breakable in this way Coca-Cola presents us,not good!!
hhhhmmmm whatever,nope not whatever,it's really crazy shit,was looking at Alice in Wonderland yesterday(the BBC version)and if i see all those buildings in Wonderland,whawhawha some kind of reality shows here,no shit man,this world is a freak show now-a-days,and i'm here to,almost freaked out,crazy lunatic shit it became.that's it,for now,now the draftings i promised.

ps.Also i like to say that Mr. Coca-Cola shows with it, that it is possible to make it better,now the real thing with it.as written above.


your biological stuff,vaporized in a flash of light,in and on the globe.


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