woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Re Draft Sight Cad/Cam

Hi there,today i found THIS drafting plate,gonna buy one as soon as possible,and go hold myself  busy with  technical drafts.
This because in my life i've more learned to draft on old fashion death tree instead of Cad/Cam...ánd when ready,the technical drafting's can be used in a craftsman place + i can make a picture when ready and throw it on the net,this because i like it when a good idea will spread worldwide without transportation overseas or long rides,and more firms can make it..
After the draft i will be digitalize it through Cad/Cam and picture.
Gonna try to draft an Mag-Lev wind turbine with this kind of principals:

bye laterz.


p.s. So i go on with it(1st i had to made a creative draft of an tarot card for my sister,did that been there,done that),and don't let my creativity die slowly,while there can be came so much out of it!
Like this ship i made for instance in the past(scale 1:500 orso)scales can be greater and smaller so i hope with my drafts do the same.
Blackbeard's ship(click!)
Did a month to made it,and all handcraft,no laser cut or so,so i don't go difficulties out of my way!

laterz in advance.
The Revenge

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