dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

Next Gen Metropolis Sky scrapers....

Howdy today.saw this pic

,and came back where i was busy with in mind...ENERGY!
What if,all those buildings r not more enlighten by coal,or nuclear or gas,but by water(rain),light rays(sunlight),and stream(wind,hot air).

I mean the best Photo Voltaire plates on the roof,windturbines on the roof and great buckets for the rain on the roof....and for thunder we must find the way to catch sóme of it,hot air,because in the buildings it's always hot/warm and hot air gets up,so holes to the roof for the hot air,and the hot air will drive the wind turbines also there,right on the way u have climate control with it,electric stuff will be sophisticated by the years(less energy use) so the buildings can depend on weather for the most of it,to get it's energy needs.all heating will be generated by electric(think about a water cooking device,but then a closed system circulation.
Snow?(electric cable will melt it on the roof)and the water u can use for ur hanging gardens of  our next Babylon hanging gardens.
I think about this because i saw this picture site and there r a lot of skyscraper metropolitan city's depend on energy needs,Gigawatts Picawatts they use.
And then invent the turbine with some kind of this science:

Only another shape and stable of-course.(like an inside out electro motor)
And the photo voltaic plates like this ONES.

Stay tuned,got more in mind,about this one....for the people and the earth....4LIFE!

bye for today,gonna work on it.for our ...


ps. empty gas bells  in the earth? our shit in it!not more in sea,but there and we get new methane(end of greenhouse effect or let i say it will stabilize in generations),and no
earthquakes...i mean we people give the world a lot of shit so pump it in!gas will go up and the shit creates new!done i mean give it a try instead of chemical injection!



simple sketch of a mega city: 

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