dinsdag 18 oktober 2011


Hello,and good morning,day,night,life,overhere/there.

Got it still in me,to make a technical draft with: gnu based cad/cam online prog,i downloaded for free(yeahyeahyeah,do this as a poor mofo,so no progs with license,just for inspiration...and/or/but more.)
so i'll go on with the wind turbine,had thoughts about it that makes me search further,and solutions to unseen probs came with that.
Saw this one.....->

Have a fluking good idea for a next g(re)en skyscraper model(came also like a bullet in mind last night.)will sketch that also.yes it's almost the perpetunial mobile i have in mind here.

Damn that building looks like a cheap watch,i had years ago with a quartz clockwork in it.
What if the wind stream by this building will not came directly like a bullet from the right direction....?!
The vertical bus Principe i have in mind,can catch it from every angle,always,when on top of a skyscraper.
Has not much to cost,can be placed on all buildings with flat roofs......but ok will go on with the draft.
Later in the new topic,i'll show it,the same as "my" space debris probe,i'll try that to,to draw it with this prog,try because that  science is more on exact principals and more difficulties,hhhmmmm i'll just make it.

Last question here,so if some one is checking reading this blog....topic,give me some feedback man if it's ok what i do or not,hhmmm whatever,if nothing changes here on earth,we might have a big problem in near future....)

So next topics will became drafts....cad cam drafts,art drafts,sketchup drafts,with explanation by it...and music,and some fun,and reality and more of the shit on the net i can and may use to show my inner me here,for u!

bye,nice flow.


bad design....why?no solid blades!the thing says: CRACK! after a windy day,nice for hanging in ur room for a open door but nothing more,but hey!!! the shape of the blades are good,now out of one piece instead of 
a ridge shape.


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