woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Comet Halley

Comet Halley= probably from earth,i mean out of the earth,billjons of years ago,when a super volcano on Earth erupted.
The space rock gets harder through Sun makes it hot,and at the and of this belt we live in he gets really cold.
so that thing must go into the sun,only then there can come a new born planet out of the Sun.
If i see on You-tube a "Halo" above Moscow and other places,then i think about signs,but it's the surface of earth,that's making them icw. the Galaxy planets and on.
It's the pressure of the atmospheric layers.....i mean some pits there in Russia ánd other places on Earth are deep and can suck air plains down.
Siberia has fragments of  a meteorite on it's surface.............think,think,think...
Must go on with this one because 2061 the rock comes back to "check" it here,and can make things planetary
down death icey cold............got more info here in mind,but not to type it here now.
And really there are signs now this Era in life,that it can be terribly can go wrong among 2061 if not fast enough change,i mean 50 years,hurry up make life on/for Earth better.
Hell a lot of signs showing me what's going on now,here in the Galaxy.
When in war in another country,u can only  come back and thrust ur ground base,but that base must be healthy then,otherwise u even will not want to come back,and so far we are not on earth right now,takes a couple of million years to reach that stage.

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