maandag 12 december 2011

walnuts and empty cans...

Hello there
Just an hour or so,i entered an bring some plastic bags,bags from the streets and disposals there,so peeps can re-use them.
In the store i thought,let i buy 2 cans of beer.
When walkin' inside i saw plastic bags filled with walnuts from California.
500 gram 2.25 euro
25 kilos bags so i count
112,50 euro a 25 kilo bag
But that is not all....on my way back home,i picked up several metal cans of the streets and grass,also plastic bottles....and i can count.
In California they give 10 dollar cent for one metal can cash refund,so if i collect here,let i say
1500 metal cans i have the same amount of money a walnut bag costs ,but here it's worthless,something isn't right...(and that amount of cans here on the streets i have within an hour!!)
Because....when i was in that store the chief also called a manager was called: through intercom:
Mr.Kramer would u come to the info bar ...
I hear that so i speak my mind: Mr kramer would u come to the info bar ,Ey she said Mr to me.i joked up loud.
That mr kramer hear that,and as an asocial person he wanted to remove me from that store,pulling on my jacket and so,i didn't listen,get angry,because of his behavior as a personality,so they get my inner back!!
and that inner of  me is hell,so they call police....police came,i may not enter one fuckin' store of that firm,police said...Who r they.......almost all puppets and wankers.

If this go on i will kill finally that blue bloody bastards also,because ey who r they to say i may not enter those stores......
YES puppets of society,protecting the wrong and stupid..

don't get me wrong,i'm a nice lovely person,only people who abuse their "power",and can't take a joke
may die,i also known how those peeps r in their private i smile and fuck the shit up in future,on a smart way.
i also get my gun,and if the shit hits the fan,i'll kill some bad egoistic shit personality's who will do the same without thinking.....

bye...another story of this mis understood person.

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