zaterdag 3 december 2011

Faroe Islands.....and their cultural stupidity!!

Hell yeah,hello there.

I just checked Live Leak and saw this-->Stupid Shit!
I was thinking calling this a festival...?yeah of  Carnage and that to prove their men their adulthood!!!
Cowards!!Those Ocean mammals with a double period to give birth to the off spring ,that we also call breeding time,and they look like Dolphins.
Those animals can do nothin' back,owowow they r man,NOPE they r insects hunting non domistic sea mammals, like the English do with dogs and foxes!!!!
I Know they life on an island,and from earlier days,peeps settled there needed food to keep warm and survive.
But now!!In this age of time on earth,with all the tech and knowledge,i see them ass low life greedy slaughters with an intellect of insects.hehehehe u r what u eat they say...........not here, with this issue,butt that will come.
The good thing is......those population special mammals,will never turn back there in the future,and they can kiss our ass,on that stupid island,they all gonna be cows eating grass in future,nothing less,nothing more.
Some closed population of humanity,r just staying stupid,so we wait,do nothing,and when it's time....WE FUCK THEM ALL IN HELL!!TILL THEY WIPED OUT FROM EXTINCTION!!!

Here some music i had in mind by this topic!

I'm going to fuck hell up,this Saturday,bye!!

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