dinsdag 6 december 2011

E-Books cq Epubs.......

Hello there.

I'm tired reading shit about this,u may not upload,and download,all kinds of laws protecting intellectual content
and on and on......Damn i've made myself a lot of e-pubs from paper books.
It's a good invention,i would never say it's not!!
It saves trees where we land mammals get oxygen from,but all those copyright shit....lawsuits and on.
Big on-line firms,acting like kids and sue each other,i do not give a damn!!
Got here an 2 Terra Bite hard- drive full with e-books,but don't like reading those books.
So i've upload them and download them and now finished that,i throw the 1-Terra bite map E-books directly in the recycle-bin!!!
So that's word it in my eyes,instead of 17 euros each by Bol.com or Amazon,i do not give a shit!
My harddrive can be out,and rather like to see it directly on line this content,without downloading.
There it goes............500.000 E-pubs,fuck that!I'm gonna play with my LEGO building blocks,and make an hole new world out of it.

pls. don't interrupt me while busy

serious i got better things to do now,like the energy,that's needed to get all this working,yes the energy on a clean base!!!For You,not for me,i live in a forest like an ape,where people think they can play with!!!NOT!!!!


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