zondag 11 december 2011

fukushima solution...

1st make strong suits out of polymers,3 layers,inner layer aluminium(take a look at the reaction of aluminium in an microwave oven)
2nd with those suits u can go in longer,and inspect situation safer
3rd the melting concrete because of  the hot  Nuclear fission product,can be used as a melting pot for iron

4rd after melting iron and casting it in the melted concrete hole,cool it with seawater with pumps,so the iron clot.

5th the surounded around the concrete take away,with the best possible options,in this case i think,of an thermic

lance and cut out that cone with that tech.

6th use a big electromagnet together with that great lifting helicopter(i dont know the type right now,but they 

use it in

Canada for wood harvesting and fire brigades...,YES have it!!!!

this one

Sikorsky ch54 South-korea has some...

And drop the shit in the big pacific so it stays cool and can do no harm.anymore.

this shit--->

Maybe i think,personal i think it's a solution,to come pretty close to the shit over there..to solve the problem quick.

this is just a simple plan,that can work ,must work it out better,but not on this blog.

Good Luck with it,if anyone read this!


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