woensdag 14 december 2011

Everything Electric!!!

Was thinking,if every household in cold areas put a closed circulation system,in the form of tubes,low on ground level,let i say 10 cm in diameter,on ground level because heated air goes up.
in those tubes u got some sort of radiator formed "plates"made of hollow thin tubes,where the fluid,water streams through,that u can heat electrically
220 or 110 volts and the Ampere is important,then through a dimmer,like on a lamp u can control the heat,then
no household in the world ever needed an central heating system heated by burning gas anymore,so the population don't ever need that gas anymore in households,and the gasses that r rest on/in this planet can be used for really important things,till that is over also!
So with this simplified system we can run on clean energy to warm our homes,and it can be look good also in ur home.

Ow and don't forget to use a tiny strong smart pump,for the fluid circulation!!!

So just another simple idea,what can has great positive consequence for earth and our peeps!

Less work, no gas pipes to homes,and the same function,so...........think smart
all that copper gaslines,we can use for....?!

This just came in my mind,and had to type it here

Your whole home heated by that,direct connection on one security group for electric and done!

FUCK THAT! start building skyscrapers,new build homes,enz. with such system,cheaper,economic better,ecologic also,easy to repair,and it can look much better!!!!
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Better Earth starts with good ideas,for us all!!!Start with it!

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