donderdag 1 december 2011

Fuckushima...Part 2

I read today 1-12-2011 that Japan wanted to close cq shut down all their nuclear mining!
That's good,but they show the world,they r afraid,and they should be!
read a lot of news about this,and know,it's a prob after that tsunamy.
Yes mother nature has unexpeted futures under her skin.
The Country that's getting the good thing out of this science(no atomic bombs)is quiting mining energy(read produce electric)on this way.
If i was standing in their shoes,i do the same,and we all can learn from this disaster!!!!!!
Good move,if their land gets unusable where they have to relay on,(it's a closed community)
I also would bet on wisdom,and let the money flow in the oceans,but we are smart!!!
From those civilizations came and come a lot of positive science,they will get their energy from healthy
flows!!!use less,create less power consumption electric goodies,and be happy,Build it up,use the weather science!!!!the whole globe needs it,to get it of positive stream and knowledge..
It''s all about a controlled energy sourge,and if we understand weather,or can see it,we can control it and use it!! for our pleasure!!!

ps i know they don't shut all nuclear facility at one's,but they will invest great amounts of economic goodies,in the good science created,we do also(or have to do!!!)

Keep it on!!Japanese u will survive!!!!  

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