woensdag 21 december 2011


Today i read an article,that gives me just another glance of hope,for  digital online streaming movies.
I read in the article,that the movie entertainment industry has created a solution i like,together with a lot of
internet firms.....like i predicted somehow in a topic on this blog,when i just started this blog..
So for me,no downloading as hell anymore,like i did in the past,through usenet,and getting all the movies that way.
UltraViolet..multiple chooses to get content,without degenerating a whole industry that created it,by downloading............

Good move over there!! Hope u keep on making a lot of nice movies further in the future,i'll pay for it,on this way,and i know why i will,i don't like seeing an industry dying,that created so much good movies i watched.

But by now,i'm downloading one other,srry,when everything is update here,i'll create an account on UltraViolet.

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