vrijdag 2 september 2011

magnetic levitation......

Howdy this date.
Today i woke up....as usual........and because of some  things that are spinning in my skull
i started to make some "plans" cq ideas for life....

Here i start with it,trying to explain(i type this topic because,i personal must(yeah i must)keep this in memory.
a week ago or so,i was watching some You tube clips about the Element:Neodynium and what u/we can make out of it,or use for.......
This clip for instance,i found interesting,yeah and another to,but let that one be....for now.
my coffee was ready,and because of my background and intellect i start drawing a simple sketch of an
windturbine....after that one i tested myself if i had it still in me,to draw a technical drawing....still there,yeah and cad/cam i can also(a bit)...but 1st on old death tree)
In the same tread of my thoughts,immidiatly came,some other elements to do the job,i mean to make a device that can work for long time without struggling.....but that later.
The sketch looked like this one.

nice huh?if those ones will be placed on skycrapers together with solar-panels and  the  rain"buckets"(always take the weather)crowdy business huh?
I mean there is almost always a stream of air there,and whats better u think?
A metropolis en-lighted through nuclear power 100ths of miles from it,with some loss of  power
or directly above u where u life(the sword of 
damoclus  hangs above u...(it could  a backup also...or later on the nuclear plant could be the back-up....hehehe.i mean with this....i don't like expansion of nuclear powerplants all over the globe,just the way as it has been gone with coal...... )
Ok back. serious! Why this type of turbine i think of....because a year ago or so,i was walking some where and saw some sort of the same device a tiny one,on a shimmy(on a shiny day) yeahyeahyeah,cool down ur i7,Xeon and on,
but in this case the device had the function to spread the burning gasses and something for births and Sinterklaas.to keep them out,no way in,multiple ways out.
But that device,placed on a old house,almost no wind,but spinning.(that's why i had to tell,it was a nice shiny day)........and almost no moving by-parts.
I think/know engineers in this time can create a high efficient turbine like this one(i personal go on with this one too).
Neodynium + and + loaded magnets or...- and - or/and + and -.........i really mean,go back to that Youtube clip and see the plate of wood spinning,no friction...........no friction,almost no stream,still spinning.....no windstream?..........shiny sun!
If this can came to reality/and sure it can,i know!,and overpopulated city's can relay on it in the near future,and get the most of their power from such things,then industry can use gasses they need to create things,we all use now,before it's gone,Aurora Boreas could do it's job in the future also....and that is,showing us some natural beauty with a highly serious bite,and that is:
giving the atmospheric layers of earth the gasses they need,to protect us,from burning or getting flat tire in an instance.
Ok, back,The as made from rust free steel,the vanes and it's body made from titanium,casted,like a product right out of a wooden filled with silversand box of Pandorra,the bearings/ made of teflon,vanes not flat,but a smooth squirl in it,and yeah different types of how they bow,i mean here the stream is mostly from the west,other places,other directions....most of the time........but the wheel keeps spinning.......
The roof,the roof,the roof is not more on fire,we don't need no radiated "moran",let the fireplace burn.....hhhhhmmmm fireplace,shimmy,device,spinning,hot air... scirocco,cool breeze,energy.

I mean,and ask u all.,Good idea?inspirational?Ey and this idea without an electric shit fan above my head,when the shit hits the fan,it's time to leave huh?or change course.
I know people in New York(for example)will be afraid if there came in future a real big squirl above there living area,what will demolish there whole life,just like a few miljion peeps in the short past and near future in the area of FUCK YOU! SHIMA.
but in New York..for instance,through a 100% natural disaster...and on,i have seen all the disaster movies.......
and the light,and woman,and death,and most of all! happy children with their parents who are unconscious,and personal i will give the best,before i'm gone.....................

bye,have a nice inspirational day,it's a concept...but will throw it right here,on this blog,stays a concept
but will be worked further out.

(the cities and situations are examples,worldwide it has potention i think/know)

I mean this is just a tiny idea,in contradiction with what i got in mind/thought/memory/

Multi-diversity............a nation with only brows......and sisters..........will create.....google it
dog eat dog?
programs to try to save species almost wiped out from extinsion(ppppffff panda with a litlle bottle feeded while at the same time,bamboforrest is harvest for cheap chairs and on,stupid ain't?,electric fence around it,and don't come there,otherwise i will make ur lady pregnant in front of you!!!!.MOTHERFUCKERS!!),while in human behavior opposites attract,what could we make to survive/make it better, if nothing is left........................wasted,burned,gone,done,bye!!!!

8 Sept. 03:46...Strange now....while an update and then seeing the word Motherfucker at the and,while i
this topic was about "new technical solutions for the energy needs......
Ok! The update.because i get some "news" about a coal power plant..
Yesterday morning, i was walking to an example,that came that time back in my thought,just to check,
nice weather conditions,almost no wind,and the  example,in this case the "wind catcher" was rotating
on the shimmy,asked myself, was this spinning because of hot air from the inside or the wind.
Ring the doorbell and the lady that opened the door said:NOPE no heating element on....
i guess it was 20 degrees Celsius,so inside influence about the rotation  had almost no POWER to do the job.
It was the wind,nice breeze,now,another thought was,if the maker of the "Wind catcher"what it could be,icw,
what it's head function is..............to spread the burning gasses in the air in wintertime if the maker makes a new one,
with a tiny electro magnetic function...then they have day and night,a tiny light in the eternal darkness on the top floor...even if there is no gas...........for what kind of reason...............!?
so had to type this....next.....walking further.......and saw three plates of sun collectors on a roof,yeah the roof is on fire......we don't need no......WHHHAAHHAA whatever,for the house a car,with the words.:Come in,if u like to have an advice,about something to do with houses........
Hhhhmmm like to have advice and info about what the sun collectors,collect in a year on energy,
Three plates measurements total about,2,5 meter in length,and 1 meter height....600kW a day, 
Asked can u personal check that,i mean,no sun, no electric....yes a lot of shitty rainy days here,but that feels good to,if it's no acid that change me into a pudding,Nope calculated,the power the win with it goes directly onto the coffee machine....no the "national" electrical net over here.
Was thinking,why three plates and not all roof tiles like that, i mean,this on that,and that,on that,and then that....
no i understand how that came...the man said also look on the net,got a web side ,gonna do that now...
got it.....www.wewantsun.com.(package D,the man had)...hhhhmmmm i think those rotating pieces on the shimmy's can give more,as i have seen them rotating........
But hey on this moment..... idea for a little bit extra ,and then bigger thinker......to take some pressure from some
other company's.......without really fade them away in one blow.....if u know what i mean....

That's my update...i had to type this because have to keep this in mind.
problems,problems,solutions,solutions....and on!

Damn the whole power grid can be change,little by little,step by step in our long term steps to the future the most of us on earth like on earth,here there,everything has it's meaning...done!
Yep i see the upcoming probs,if it isn't already here one's in a while...step by step destroying things
and further,i mean, i do understand the case.


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