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And how it could be the virus could be "born" on earth.

Howdy,today Google showed me and a whole lot of other people a Doodle.
Freddy Mercury's date of dead.......
Put a song on from Queen,and yes i Smile,ones in a while...Killer Queen.good song.
But that's not the point,the point is,i double-clicked the Doodle,and came on another page of Google
1 link Wiki,biography.
Then i was thinking what the 4 letter word aids stand for,in my thoughts came Auto Immune Destructive System,and wanted to check that,but no the thought was not right.. acquired immune deficiency syndrome,Hell,my 1st. thought is also usable for it.
Raid the page and my thoughts spinning the same time.
The thoughts! If a human is infected with some bacteria,what is trying to be a copycat of the human cell and it has a negative influence for the human,i mean it's a destructive parasite,then u get medicine for destroying it.
But if it looks like the human cell,and u must take the medicine,there is always a thin line of good and bad.
I mean attack the cell membrane of something bad to destroy it what looks like the good,and it houses in the same
body,then the medicine must be really good,that it only destroy the bad look a like.
The science is far now,but in earlier days when u had pneumonia or so,most of the time Penicilline(the start of all antibiotic) was the "answer"...,it killed the virus,but the medicine also toke some healthy human genes on it's slaughtering way.and the white blood cells and some other defense material had it difficult to repair them like they where.
In those times and situations people had it hard and for a lot ,the food was not what it is now,and they had to move on to do work under bad conditions,not thinking,go on,just like now,but other surcomstances,a lot of copied new  human baby's where thrown on earth(yeah yeah natural born,no big gape in the stomic,not as much as now)
With the cell defects.....created through the illness and penicilline..
A lot of welfare  western workers from church movements(most christian)also had big packages with them,with that 1st anti-bio tic generation penicilline,when going to 3rd world country's.and gave big amounts of the shit to them,lot of sick peeps there,who're getting "better" through that medicine,wiped all the biologic bacteria in the body's out,and...yeah told that....

Now i had to take a look at:
the human cell

Because i saw
The HIV(E)cell

Looked at shapes,and nr.6 on the 1st pic got my attention,because that fucking Femini looking worms at the second pic,also have the shape to go through there(read for urself,Google it)
I mean,number 6 is the "door" for the "needs" of the human cell,science gave it a name..

What if in those time,and or now and the situation little shitty insects who suck ur ánd other ones blood,for their eggs that they lay on water that has no stream and that is dirty also(because of.....)
and those newborn bloodsucking insects also suck different people(the healthy and the defected cells)and when doing this,they leave always a combination of the insect it's poison,some blood from other(s)and mutated bacteria out of the dirty water(maybe that combo created that HIV,and around 80% of the humans have it now....with hiv u can life,with diagnose aids,u got a problem.

So maybe this is a new speculation of how AIDS is constructed,instead of fucked/consumed ape story's,or fucking each others ass  male male relationship.
I mean,what if the 1st generation anti-bio-tic had something to do with human cell membrame mutating work,and that on an nanoscopic(or even on  smaller base)natural ladder,that maked it possible for negative attacking bacteria for human cells to go in the cell with what want to attack.

I mean while looking at the HIV(E)(also deep inside)the picture above i mean,i was thinking all those egg shaped forms say me personal that it can spread itself 360 degrees around itself(go my little soldiers....)and that is why the disease is so fast,when activated,and those things wanna take over the nuclei it's position,and we are all gonna be changed in  trans mutated bloodsucking shitholes in the future,instead of that it killing people now......
Damn there must stay order in humanity otherwise i see it come in future.............

and the hiv cells r the rulers somewhere then,transported through blood to the controlsystem.....

HHHMMM a bit far thinking,but!!!!!!think logic,laying eggs in something has a meaning,it can kill,GROW, but it can also take over control of it..........with this,on this stage,now,here,time period,at this stage of highly organised civilization(s?!?)i mean,we as we are now,is also not happened in an instance as fast as a cup of noodles is cooked.

hhmmmm i started this topic only because i had an speculation of how HIV/AIDS is constructed...and this story came out,in my eyes a logic one,But this topic is about the speculation,the rest is SF for now.Those sucking parasite insects also want to take control,and what is better for them in their short earth life,then have big soldiers(ants someone?) then have them under control shit,paradox men.
Because when this is real,then it's really fast finished with human life they need,and,they will be wiped out also,or other great animals take over,Dogs,Cats,Cows,Pigs and on, the shitty tiny bloodsuckers take them to feed theirself.
I mean war,kill the one who can kill u all,HELL the brain death and pinky is alone....................

Bye,and kill fire with more fire,if u will be the one who will be burned deep in a forrest on fire,be the piro technician there,one line 10/15 meters wide and almost done!keep your nose in the right winddirection,when u need some fresh air!

Have a nice day huh!

Ow,one last thing came in my mind about this,if the mosquitos and their relatives r the ones,then take their poison,that make the blood/skin weakener ,as a base to try and develope a medicine against it.
Same with antidotes of snakebites...were it's from???yes poison,reaction in horse/cow blood,antidote........
Or reptiles(the ones that life by lakes with the conditions)...give them the mosquito s that shit in our blood,yeah the carriers.......reptile old....strong....were do they life/eat? maybe the have some kind of better antidote......for it.....MAYBE!!!!!!if there some left and not wiped out from extinction,eaten shot/domesticated.ey some uh,not all from what is left.......!

Ow and eat well after your treatment......

Back to Fred......Wiki..........born in an country with a lot of those conditions, i said incl.the multigame bloodsuckers.....young to a cold place where the penicillin was invented and used..........pneumonia, you can get there because of the weather conditions,and other,young.......hhhhhmmmmm maybe the Hiv was already "placed" in his body............his lifestyle..................he get the penicillin,and the rest u already read here.......

1951-----Freddy settled in U.K.
hhhmmmm read the Wiki-pages.....2nd WW.......

Ey...will u have THIS as ur last fast thoughts?R.I.P. the head of the band too!

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