zaterdag 3 september 2011



Had something in mind,hhhmmmmm already on the market,must be a standard in my eyes in future,,,
Some kind like this device but then like a  bigger pad/tablet,icw,some other ideas i had,in the short past,every room a ledscreen,icw this and one pc,with a system where multiple members can be logged in,and work the same time.
Acrylate ones for ur

And the glass one for me,and maybe you,but cannot tell that from here,that's ur own discission.

I will call it the family pack 
icw with some tablets,maybe but not sure,laptop(i mean every-one with only a laptop,has sometimes the need0
whatever......must think further for the future.

have some other important other things in mind now(flashbacks from the short past)that i need to explain about something...

Later on.. and have a nice day.

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