dinsdag 3 april 2012

Fuel and Oceans...

Hello there,anywhere..

Today my thoughts became back,at an "old/new" problem....

The pacific garbage island...(one of several in the oceans)
I've made a topic in the past about this,with all the frustration and written in my style that day.
Now i think humanity has an solution for it.......
Because all that waste,salt is became the second layer of the ocean,it must "work" hard trying to destroy it,but at the same time,the cold and warm oceanic stream cq better "moebius ring" go on also,then there is the biosphere weather "program"....hot air lift up h2o aerosol drops of the ocean and takes it with clouds up to another layer,with that,wind drive it to places the globe needs it to cool down or to give rain to plants and on and on,u know.
But if the oceanic salt breaks(trying) down the waste,that will came in the air,and we breath yes...and get ill of it.
my thoughts of this image are:North pole is melting rapitly,the "tiny"
concentrations of salt sticked on Antarctica,"dropped down"
from the oceans,makes it harder to create new ice in winter,so
Antarctica is melting slowly to,sweet water freeze easier.
and some more long term thoughts of me...
hmmm i do not gonna explain now,don't want that.
I only say:take care of  what u feed,and where u came from...

on parts of the world,and go to a doctor.......
Cold streams under the warm streams in the globes oceans,get some other temperatures,then it needs(not much,but hey!we all know the word sensitive...).

Ok end of this biologic simple explanated story!
A month ago orso i was Googling things.. and came to the site:Plastic2Oil.
An intresting firm/compagny with possabilitys.....read their website
I came to this site,because here were i life,most household junk,will be burned,incl.plastic.....and i'm/was frustrated a bit about that.
Now they have processor plants that can convert waste plastic into several oilproducts.
Nice handy processing line..in the U.S. in NY.
EY! i thought today,what if they build some more of those processors,get them on an bulk carrier,or/and a floating platform,some other machines like shredders,sorting and washing machine,and station that by that big pacific garbage belt,feedstock enough......oceanic cleaning,self suplied energyproduction,work,and environmentally friendly cq. problemsolver and saver then some floating drillplatforms(i mean we all know some accidents of it)but in this case,we get
some oilproducts back,clean the ocean,and more...of it.on their site.

My thoughts are,it's the best u can do with that shit,recycle it into downgraded plastic isnt an option,but Plastic2Oil is,to solve a problem,and get something back.......Yes i call it something...but i know if this came from the ground and out of the oceans,and it will be planned and started,then i know,it's just more then something,to save and get back what the most of us should miss if it isn't here anymore....

EY!! it's NICE to see some posebility's (excuse me for my grammar)for life on this pumping GLOBE,where i rather do not have a massive cardial discease...for offspring.

I came to write this topic also,because,i asked a dumptruckdriver how much his truck(diesel) burned.....
200 liters a week he said,and then thinking.....how much plastic combined with other materials he collects,in a week time with his dumptruck(one of many)and drive to the central burning plant,to let it all get burned,hhmmm,that truck could be drive on diesel out of plastic........in the future,it will be, i know,the secret to an succes in this case,is to have an logistic system,that collects sorted materials,and get the shortest route to the next step,in the proces
Burning isn't an option in most cases,as a beginning in a line to create energy,these times,only for Satan and for the Black Death.............hahahahha,ow and the Sun is beginning also on some places.
Damn,i have an Samsung Galaxy s2 with Android 4.0 installed right now,and i place those sunbeamsuckers by myself if it must,and will be still in contact with u,and then,when finished that loussy job....i place in every streetlight on the globe other lamps,so in some sort of way,u and the globe get ur nightrest after doing other things.......
And this short episode in this topic,because i was walking to the store today,count all the conventional TL lights there,1 store,over more then 500 conventional TL lights,á 55Watt,10 hours a day,lifetime 12.000 hours,and when replaced by these TL lights,they create the same,or more amount of light/lumen,better for the eyes,23Watts,10 hours a day,lifetime 50.000 hours,economical..electricity savings on long period.....it uses 1/3 of the normal amount of energy.....can u count.........then i walked back and took a look to the sky,under a streetlight,one of about 3 million streetlights here in the Netherlands,almost all conventional gas unloading bulbs,which together,are responsible for 2.0% of the total ammount of Dutch electricity consumption,and The Netherlands is just a stupid tiny piece of land on the globe,and here new gasturbines gets plant,in a place,i checked that place with google streetview,and theere are all conventional streetlightenergysucking bulbs,while almost everybody inhome there has an led tv,3d....and in that place there are offices build,where everybody doing his thing 8 hours a day,and ask each other in a dailly routine the question::Ey dickhead!have u just screw today?While i get enoing double bills of them....sometimes,and they'r playing in the boss their time in gasfired heated offices,and lots of pc's,where they play 6 hours a day with.....ow and look at porn in the boss his time(i do the same,after played angry birds),and they all walk to the coffeecorner,while  some female is screwing Bill,or viceversa   on the scanner/printer that moment.......can u understand i'm frustrated a bit,on this moment,i places windturbines for the coast of Antarctica right now.And ow no!Not in the populated direction,but pointed at Antarctica,so it get's  some cooler there,and i let everyone  tredwalk as a sort of dailly officegym,to create some energy to let the windturbines rotate.....
Strange story huh?
While serious,yesterday i took the question on myself.....Where these people get they their power from?
Yeah,looked at that place,because three years ago,i read something about it,and it was almost unhabbitat area,a good place to start almost completly with natural energy,and develop the unfinnished city real hightech,and with it's own cycle,as an reverencepoint for other city's,i say this because of the name and state of it.....and the challenge offcourse.......in that area.

Shit!!!This writing also because of EARTHDAY.........with it's ENERGYDROP....
choose!one hour a year the lights out,or everywhere on earth new powersaving light...bu


More links will follow later,together with some calculations,pictures and links and other 2012 stuff with it in this topic.....to complete my thoughts that i have now,thanks to Googles searchengine...Thanks Google,and internet.and and and........hhhmmmm you know there are to much thank u's.......

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