donderdag 15 maart 2012


Because of my short past,i was thinking about solutions......
for a great new world order when i'm dead or something.....
1st. i life in the Netherlands,and my 1st job when came from school was by a compagny in the oil and gas sector.
Now my mind tonight is getting active about energy and recources....and empty oil and gas wells.
Gas wells!!! Fill the empty wells with our and animal shit by connecting the head sewer to it...we eat and we shit.i learned that one person can produce 30 liter gas a day by shitting all his shit in the toilet(LNG)
Now 2012-03 there r persons on this shitty globe,so thats a lot of gas!!!
Next!!!And thats the big thing in live in 2050 orso,the oil consumption now in 2012 is rappitly 2050 it's a fucking problem,then there r peeps,no fossils anymore,so how do we solve that global puzzle??Now my plan is this: no funerals anymore with wooden boxes or burning death corpses,but we all go to a shredder with flesh and bones and skulls,and the whole shit we pump in those empty oil wells,that together withsome organic enzymes,will do the job.
Ey what i mean is this...we have a great time as long as we life on this globe,because of all this globe gives,and we make,so when time has come,and we had it good and must make place for next generation,what the hell does it matter,in a box,burned or shredded,all in the empty holes of this globe and we r carbon and h1 for it,no probs....

p.s. what do u want? the hell of dante or being an endless piece of something that is swimming in something that makes us,and that we make?i choose number two.
Hmmm what the hell,i life now.......

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