vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Gemeentelijk parkeerbeleid...Enzovoorts.....!!!!

Today i had my welfare "pocketmoney" on my account to pay my bills from,and to eat,and smoke and drink,enz...
Did some basic shopping,in a town next to the one i "life" in,came out of the store and yes a lot of cars on parkingplaces...and three bluedressed with a yellow covering body on them...parkingcontroledudes....
Herre in the Netherlands every city,town,metropool has it's own rules for parkingplaces,in most human livingareas u must have a local parkingsign behind ur front carwindow,u can get one by the townhall,and is valid for a year orso.
This one for where i was!

So i came out and,one Turkish dude who became Dutch put a Yellow fine between carwindow and windowsweeper,i ask why he did that,because the car was parked on a parkingplace,he explained that the car has a sign that came out of the city Beverwijk instead of the town where it was parked.
i asked him..: but sir if a human goes in one day to that city ,to that city,and than another city,the man/woman needs a lot of different parkingsigns in his car,and why can't there be one national sign to park your car?
The dude said: don't ask me,ask minister Rutten,i said yeah that man does do his things "only" for the money,the dude walked away from me and sais yeah me to,i do it only for the money to!!
now i'm a open extravert person and i yelled: They are all fucking hookers who do it ONLY for the money.
The dude was angry,came to me,and sayd,do you say that to me ,and wanted to hook me on my skull,i aid No!!!listen well,everyone who says i do it ONLY for the money,i call them hookers,ow he said and says go away now????i asked why,because i was standing on a street,Yeah who is he to send me away,sow i said to him go to a school to learn to speak good desent Dutch with his family...man he became pissed of,so he to me:Give a elephant a blowjob..i back:I will do that,and after that,i spit it in ur face..and slowly i begin to walking away,leaving the 3 parkingdudes and shoppingdudes behind me...manmanman what a strange things..
I know that the carholder who had that fine,also must be angry when he see that yellow shitty paper,and that for only 5 or 10 minutes of shopping......thats not right.....but hey i don't care because,it gets stranger this local story.....all those city's where u can or can't park your car,lay in the Province Noord-Holland,and what have i read i few weeks ago,just before new elections started for that tiny province on earth....Now!!!!..
YES....8 members of that province have 8 cars that cost the province 640.000euros a year,that is 80.000 euros a car for one year(without gasoline costs,and driver costs)...hhmhhmmmm????and because they ar the authority of that province i guess they come in a lot of towns,where they must park there car,should they have
60 parkingsigns or more in their car??guess not!!
But where those cars can't come,and people and kids and dogs can,that's a tiny piece of wood in Beverwijk,a week ago i came there for the first time and i saw crap a lot of crap,surrounded by a tiny park where people can walk in silence and enjoy thousend threes,yes and crap,trass and hidden thrash that lay in that area for 10/12 years without cleaning,all kind of nasty stuff they used to grow different kind of shit and other toxic shit,a fence for it,that stood open,"a ideal place for kids to play"
It was a Sunday and had nothing to do so i taked a look on that area,i was irritating because of the shit that lay there,so i thought,ey i go and do some fitness!!so i begun to demolish  some old gardenhouses there and make mountains sorted with glass,iron,wood,plastic and shit.....
3 hours further it looks better,sorted some of that shit,on that trash area butt there was a lot more to do,heard from locals who walked there every day/week that the area looks like cq became to that in a period of 12years,and found it strange that i was busy there,fitness on a Sunday.
Three days later i thought i take a look,and do something more there,the fence was closed with bolts,so kids,junks and me can't go easely enter the area...hhhmmm better i thought,they gonna do something about it.
I took a walk through that surrounding area called: Park and what i noticed was the stuff that lays on the trash area lays in that park to...irritating again because of that kind of human behaviour,and go to clean that shit to,make a mountain of trash next to a three,and some workers of that city came....driving in a Izusu tiny pickup..two in the cabin,driven slowly,saw me,AND the waste!!!and i thought they stop,but no they drive further taked a look at the waste and me,and do nothing......so no workers of that city,fuckin boring piece of shit i thought.
But further,i begin today with google some things about that tiny piece of wood in Beverwijk and found two pdf's on the net,with a lot of SHIT on it,yes from the city of Beverwijk,things on it with amounts of hhhmmmm let i say 2.000.000 and more Euros,date different!!1998 to 2009,both of the pdfs have to do with that tiny park,to clean and other things.....i have/and others have a wellfare here,mine is 850 euros a month(can u imagine!one car 80.000euros and more and my montly wellfare"income"that are 90 months to have a car for a year like that.something isn't right........what's stands on that to pdfs isnt also...take a look!! on the note stands most of the area is cleaned....nope it isn't.srry i can't explain it good,butt it's wrong,really wrong!i tiny piece of wood,1 paper,8 cars(yes cypress hill so u wanna be a rockstar and so on)miljons of taxmoney,and a area that was for the people 10 years ago to grow some greenery!!
It's fucking wrong that all those people in Beverwijk got a litlle park to walk through on a sunday with kids and a area thats toxic in the midlle of it,left for more ten ten years,and lazy townworkers driving with an Isuzu through it and do nothing,that's why i choose this piece drawing to make a tiny graverock for in home to remember--->
and my rotten corpse NOT THERE!!!!!

And yes,on the date 2 march there is an ellection for that tiny province on this globe,u/i/we can choose 1 of the 150 as favorite,so they have something more influence in how it goes on/and in this piece of mud,i don't know one of them in private,but what they have in common is this:they all eat together ones in a while,got a home bigger then mine,got a car,and work together and all have the same plans..or don't...!!!haahahaha
but really i don't know them,so my voice,they don't get,not one of them.Yeah i really don't know what to do with this issue,and that's the problem with old generation,new generation...and what became with that,before u know u are a rotten corpse to,so make it really better.......for the next generation.point blanco!!!!!

have a nice day.......

dinsdag 22 februari 2011


Yeah rights,it are always those scavengers and the peeps that act like man in the middle persons,that trying to make a better life for theirself....i mean people have rights,i know that,but rights that make sometimes no sense  
,in the time they r used,or against people who can't none with it or have something better to do,then listen to rights,u we have the right to learn,eat,life and die,create,use without abuse and on,and if other ones uses rights
against a one person that is busy in his daily life with that elementary rights,trying to do good things on this globe his way,then it's wrong....blablabla...
K today called the mother of "my" two children,and there is a....dhfrhghyggtrrrr not a, but some bureaucratic intitutions that react as man in the middle,and they all know it better........NOT!!really or i must say not all,they make an income for theirself with that shit they do,and create an shitty situation for "familylive"and kids that call me Daddy.
I hate them in some kind of way interfearing like a scud-rocket in a familylife,they can get an Hellfire rocket back from me......yes that is how the world/and the war works.....look at middle(them again middle..)east!!
After calling those institutions i get a little bit frustrated and opened the google newspage(Dutch).
I read a topic about the  Dutch entertainment law protection office moranic organisation called "BREIN".
1st. The number u/we must dail to betrade piracy =0909-piracy...(50 Eurocent a minute)!!!so thats one income
stupid shit,they have an office in a big building that cost monthly a lot of gas to heat it up,a lot of coffeecorners and so on,so i called that number of them 2 times and the 1st phonecall was about 10.000 epubs i downloaded,and after the download was finished i immidiatly dumped it in the recycle-bin van Xp-Sp3 sys,i wanted to ask if that was right,butt she putt down the call.
that was the 1st call butt my mind goes furter with that,and called that "grey" criminal organisation another time..
this call i ask the lady on the phone if they are the bureau of entertainment law protection,yes she said...
then i told her i got a dick and that thing is for entertainingpurposes,and i explain her that i uploaded 1000 of times my sperm a meter high,and if that was legal,or if another one pull on my dick and it came out,if that is legal to do,when the two in common,have no problem doing that,and then she hang up...can't talk or try to talk to those peeps,i wasn't clear explaining my situation and she hang up,that isn't right.!!!
Years ago i bought a cd...yeahyeahyeah years ago,in the FREE RECORD SHOP,a cd full with reggae,a double one,and what was the issue,it was a burned cd instead of one that came from the factory where they print those things,and that shitty shop can do that,sell that,and servers can't have content,and can be taken by wannabe agents.....with laws and stuff...not right,not right,the chairman of that FREE!!! yes FREERECORDSHOP is rich(no problem he has 5 kids to feed) and can do such things,and the BREIN shit is free to do their things....stupid things,and the server and his users can't ....WHAT DO THEY THINK!!!!WE R STUPID!!!!!!the 1st two i explain here use much more energy then the thirth,they waste energy we can use and our next generation kids/human can use better.

FUCK THAT SHIT,and strange that that happens,yeah papers with ink,used with the laws and rights on it,is to scare people and give those suckers income,and if u have a gun and put it against their head,without bullits in it,then it's illegal,and then they r scared.......stupid shit,same situation,papers without logic,or guns without bullits.to hell with the shit,my supersoaker is my dick and that one is shooting for real,ones in a year....HAHAHA.or never that's what psychologicy is going on now,here for me...HAHAHA.

bye have a nice day.

zondag 20 februari 2011

Libie...cq. more Arabic Lands

Hi there today,and ow yes yesterday i read about the human/political shit(srry probs it is) in that country's.
I became a little curious about Libie and because 2 weeks ago i read something about a lot of  of their civilians running/swimming away out of that country to Italy.........it was an topic that those man/women r getting away from that country and get stuck on a tiny island between Libie/Tunis and Italy......yes in my mind through another it came up that it where peeps out of Tunis.....all the same i guess over there.....right now.
But ok Libie is the shit right now,it has gas and oil,and sell that to Italy and some other country's....so that Gadhaffi and his friends has miljons..what do i say!! biljons of whatever the fuck they call their money,dollars/dinar/pounds/euros....those men got it all over the globe,in Zwitserland,Panama and on,i don't mind.
But that is not my prime issue....mine??hhhmmmmm their i mean and,yes and ours,because more and more came here,with here i mean Europe,and that is an adventure for them i think,people drowning,people starving to death because it's cold where they go to,years of problems and so on......
What the issue is and that's a weird one!!!From 1965,they starting to make the 8th world wonder!!!!pppppfff world wonder,they r there making a system to get H2o out of the Sahara..????to get it to Tripoli?????A city on the coastline of Libie...On the coastline!!!!!.........that shit they made costs miljons/biljons of whatever they trade with,and many years of work,and a lot of manpower.....
When i think about the Sahara i think about a shiny dry desert where h2o is hard to find,and when i think about a city/metropolis on the coastline i think about water and harbors and on,so is it the sun that made them hyperthermal insane,and call something stupid the 8th worldwonder?? i guess.but hey that was back in those days in the70s/80s/90/ can't they dig a river into the Sahara from sea and plant the Sahara full of photovoltairic powerplants,i mean that Sahara is empty,great to exploid such powerplants for Europe and Africa..and on...
for a healty globe and most of the energy became out of that radiation from the sun.
That miljonaire..biljonaire Ghadaffi can throw his money away on that type of shit,and ones the river is there,there will be plants..later on and human and on,clean energy,to let everything do his/that job,but no instead of that,they get the last deep bottle of h2o out of the Sahara and call it the 8 world wonder.....???
1300 wells there,about 300 collapsed,500meters deep...........don't walk there,next millenia,u will be sucked down 500 meters deep with sand cq sillicium,where u can make a lot of things from.........
And what is the end of this story...that land is emptied just as fast as the mans head in this video!and when that is done,they all come to the country where i life,that came out of the water...strange isnt it?
I see it now where,where 10 or 20 years ago food and animals  stood,its now all houses..and it goes on and on...........but hey,we are stupid a bit and not...
Hope they made other plans for the future there,in those country's,to make it better for theirselfs....

have a nice day...?!?!?