woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Amstel - Jouw Vaas

Amstel - Jouw Vaas:

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Yesterday my dad gave me a code from a tray of beer.
with that code you can order a glass,with the brand of that beer
and a naam of you or ur friend or relative.
The slogan on of the Brand in question is:Amstel Bier voor vrienden on tv.
Now i ordered one for my "friend".
I wonder how the man/woman will react when she had to put that name on the glass.........

Ow some other thing came directly in my mind.........my dad may have that glass,it's his brand,he may get it by a tobacco shop hehehe,it's not my brand if there is a choice...for me...otherwise not a bad brand.
What's going on in the kitchen?!

ow.and btw..
I was searching at this,because i saw this,because i visited this site,and asked myself,will it be that in Tokio
they all have one  now in their pc?
They like electronic gadgets there aint?

I'm glad the emergency reaction was faster there,so i hope not a lot of mutated in future born or unborn.i mean playing doom or half life or whatever is fun but living in it,hhhhmmm not a nice time to drink beer with friends..........

i suggest every morning one of these as a suplement overthere,in your beer.

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