zaterdag 16 april 2011


Grooveshark death sharkskin......
Help them with money,another mental statement they need and help and love,no money u later!! ......fuck off with those birds
Pb they get a lot of Pb
A fucking shark in Sheep/wolf clothes,stranded on the shores of California
radiated as hell,and birds fallen from the sky with thousands all over the world,

and all because of all this news

photo's and info

and 6500 times the amount of active jodium 131 today in the's getting well huh to save a hitty rotten powerplant??
meltdown already happen,desparate as hell and in the news......6.5 million ps3 sold fuck of players
die in ur cabine and never come back.

because of the Oceanic waste patches,like cancer spreaded through the bloodstream,nature and storm and Tornados  can't clean it any more,radioactive death fish stranded everywhere,last 3 years,weather here

See the squirl above the ISS to Fuck U Shima,so place the whole shore there full with wind Turbines in future
that sucker above the ISS trying to clean those shitty garbage layers in the ocean,but don't have the power of a plastic Dyson,birds inhale the shit,flying with every wind everywhere,and fall down when it's to much for them,fish the same,swim to save harbours and stranded death,here u have humanity,eat us,waste it,and swim in rotten corpses,walk between insects,and step on death birds.
Shitty Locals,with their we will never know how it comes.really i go to the woods,and became an animal
and no human anymore,don't wanna be a part of that family,shame on u.

Nuclear energy Netherlands...power consumption of all people in that on short periods.....
this one..
just the same as water cooking device..(electronic!!)
in 2046 it can be really wiped away,placed in 1969,turned of in 1997,and completly wiped of the history in 2045....?1?!! and now 2011 a new one.......yeah the offspring,have a bright future... en lighted yes
Wasted Toxic radiated piece of dumpshit offspring out of billions of vagina's to dump an one round garbage belt we put on fire,because of biological decease we all together created.
HELL and birth defects, mutated chromosomes ,syndrome of down.
done.....humanity lost...if this shit goes on...

A lot of lying shit holes moving "forwards" on this planet today.

Galapagos History....

The Globe has so much to show,and to say,today a few things about Galapagos(The French Portal,music from the same servers as Grooveshark? i guess) and his past,presence....future...

Galapagos Isabella.looks like?..yep!
Good pinpointed that volcanic piece of lava....
Old holy animal fucker let his captured souls go on Isabella

Damn,only the woman standing in the way,pppff i don't mind
Pin-up point
But then those cracks on Under Galapagos...hhhmmm looks like
(simple drawing)An old fashion clothed,man Eaten by a..hhhmmm say me?

Maybe or in his words back then Mayday maybe,it was this man
Jonah was his name

with this unbelievable Thomas with cookies
travel agent,and then,Nautical Wellink the Dutch Bank President,gives 120 air miles..for a trip under sea.....Air Miles and then go 120 Nautical Miles Under Sea,
Now that's what i call a philantropic person,in a Bermuda boxer short.
.......Bermuda Triangle,Golden in a dream
And a nightmare on the STREET(if u low on cash or an neurotic illness and afraid to come on the street)

But ok, Galapagos,u r there now,through that 

pretending ur in a Spermwhale for three days,just like Jonah
as an insect called Beetle,eating all the rare species of mother nature instantly,like a cup of hot noodles,shit it out,make balls of the shit,and leave the Island Isabella.


an octopus,Crocus Safran from Iran,Rice from India(1 kilo,5 women and kids poisoned through some snakes,then the rice is good)2 birds from the Canaries Islands,and 1 Pig.
Yeah the Spanish in 1600 put everything on fire to eat
But one Aztec snake fucker,keeps a face of one of those bastards in mind,when he was healthy and had no pocks or measles...aids from fuckin local indians.
Because sickness of those Spanish look-a-like Carlos Slims,looked those days like:
Teenage Hero Volcanic Turtles

The earth can tell a lot these day's and that is a promise

Have a nice responsible day. mucha suerte,adios.........damn adios,when they meet someone they say adios,when they leave someone they say adios,it's Hello....go.....Bye,Hallo....gaan......Mazzel.....and those!!!!
Adios......Adios......Adios. go and find clues in deeper ground and on higher ground,if nothing else to do.

Nice Saturday here.there..everywhere or so.

And then to Kenya to investigate this

In an hour or so here or if u have a long retention and like French,here,or here
Or maybe here,or if no where,maybe on this here or create some self with it.
thnx4the Artists who maked it,and better on the internet then in the second hand paper disposal,so my cat can piss on it in it's next life,or a fucker can wipe his ass with. 

Here u can chat with them,thank them,say to them not painting on trees,but in caves on rock walls,or...or..
make 100 paper comics,so it's an collectible..and the rest digital on whatever Apple u eat,with an Android home in,while flying in ur spaceship through the Galaxy,leaving Las Vegas,with their dark cave casino's,full with carved comics on the wall,and some Neanderthals,spitting Tyrannosaurus Rexus out of rocks,and drive away with their Lexus,and let the others use tooth brushes to wipe the sand away.
And when that is done,they place mirrors there,and u in your spaceship use laser beams to give them holes or some electricity,but only when finished reading!!
Ow and Dolphins smile.

That's real...Live...grgjmmmbbll Life!
And from Earthwatch to Mars the red Planet a boxed
female skull,and from outer space
seen on the Earth

A Rubicks Cube Earth in an red Christmas ball hanging
like an Iranian on a Crane,but in this story on a out of the Earth tree,
while we all sing and smile along together with this song:
Nope!he has left the hypercube....

vrijdag 15 april 2011

Today Nice weather,Sunny,Tomorrow To Much Energy..

Ok was surfing this/ow yesterday morning,came into this dessert: Sahara..Western-Sahara..And hey News aus Germany cq E.U..
Good,not the 1st time i type about this,but i go on...typed Desertec on the search tab:images Google and get this image:
And thought back in time...maybe 3 a 4 years ago,i saw this picture simplified on a pc/network in a mental institute....and was thinking about this,that days also.but what the hack that's not the point.....
But ok,looking at the image and immidiatly thinking 500years further and put some otherthings on it..

Lines why u ask me?because of this behaviour there--->

Circles  to grow some food with irrigation or buckets with water,damn thinking about grain circles made by aliens...stupid shit,both of it!! because round  and round isn't the way to get food for long time,i see them making rounds,till that piece of earth is dried out.
Ok the lines,if/when this mega project is realized....the lines r rivers...could be made with help of these monster machines,when the power really on--->> less coal needed,so we could dig for sand to make artificial eyeballs,the rivers got another good thing pita bread for shoarma,yeahyeah kill sheeps for it--->>Ow NO the cereal is good to hold the river be a river instead of mud.........and it gives a lot of energy and health.
And ow yes made another one for another continent..--->

Why now this is the case....: illegal Immigrants....Strange People,all thinking back about their culture,when 20 years here(some)others r death or make it good.........AND WHY!!!!BECAUSE THEY ALL HA!VE A FUCKING DREAM ABOUT SOME KIND OF SHIT PARADISE!!!!further on..some r nice,others not..
They spill a lot of energy to come to the promised land,and the promised land spills a lot of energy...and on and on,and why strange 21th century internet,lazy porno watching internet Googlers,screaming shitting laughing and doing what??hhmmm whatever,i stop now and upload some energy to Mongolia,ow and yes the newest movie,because streaming is not yet realized there and here and on whatever...

take good care of..........

<o> <o>
+3rd eye-
In the land of blind,one eye is king...yeahyeahyeah snow blind,sun blind,hot ice rabbits or tubes,or a Fatima Morgana = belly dancing or a oase,that's the question???/

woensdag 13 april 2011

The Ghost Of Tehran....Iran

Yeah another one!
Here u have.....
Click pic.!

Now i'm an addict of Google Sat.,i'm searching for other shapes in the earth.....and i can say,that it's full with it.
Tehran...they hang people for pleasure there,while they harvest crocus flowers at the same time,to make rice yellow,while the flower is purple.

Probably the Iranian population eat the honeybees,because all flowers are already harvest.

In Tehran they all have a mind going upstairs,like their blood(Google pic) or V2rockets,
Here a wiki about Iran Nuclear program....NUKE DUKEM,
The peeps got oil there,they can swim in,just like they emptied the Caspian sea for caviar,i did like to empty their penguins.
I read this about their nuclear program...FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES ONLY
Those Ayatolla's wanna play for god to,and that sucker also lied...5 nuclear plants...for medical isotopes
yeahyeahyeah...a lot of cancer there,while their hobby is hang people for free!!!!

yes that man stole a crocus flower,he must hang
and that beard y motherfucker ayatollah fucks 11 years young penguins.

A Fatwa for everyone,easy come easy go,they think.
If u see the 1st Google screenshot and what the mountains show..thenn u had it huh with that 
shitty believe....

Ow and then nuclear power plants.....there.
for the energy needs... u can't do a thing there, Jesuits,Soenits,Sjiits ,they hate each other.burn flags as a national event and hang people if they where never throw to earth through a vagina of an Islam/Muslim/Soenith/Sjiith penguin..srry lady.

hhhmmm fuck,i'm tired today.hate religion,hate Tehran,Hate religion,and go to sleep now.shitty topic

man ow man,they love those beard apes.....

Ow and after the bitch had here opium kick shes standing where??...there---->

and have a rich culture....yeah hanging
fuck less,learn more.....

zondag 10 april 2011

"New" Old Shape Sign In The Earth.....

Yesterday,i had an topic about Neptune(god of the sea) and shapes that i overdraw on the surface of bottom in the arctic ocean i saw.
this one.extended a few more drawings on the screenshot

So i searched for it on Wikipedia and NASA,shitting a bit,on some NASA webpages
not this on this one,only put some lines on this one
So because of NASA,and the beginning of the "space-age" after the second world war,
i began to search for Wernher Von Braun(nope not shaving device)but the rocket scientist.
I came to this Wiki page.
I read that his resting place is Alexandria,Virginia,United States.
So curious as i'm,hoping that that will not killing the cat....
 a screenshot of U.S/Canada,from a week ago or so,
because of this news item:

Some writings on it,a simple drawn Jesus incl. cross,because
i was and am frustrated as hell,about the whole damn thing what's going on,the last years with this globe,and private situation.but ok on..Alexandria Virginia..

Google-Satellite the place in question....
The red surrounded piece of hill back got my attention,after some searching.
This is why..:
See the shape,of the forest,the shape of a skull,
I go to this page......Alexandria,Egypt and looked at this image:
The skulls have something in common huh?
screenshot with a drawing...

no art,hhmm not out and from my pc,and the progs and sites i used for it.
But hey art it is,right out or in  the earth,and more history,really something special,strange,amazing and

Great that this all is possible because of the space-age,internet,techno,science and on...
in this time,and can take a "step back in time"...

To explain the above,me on a shrimp catching ship,levi's jacket on,12 years of age,iron maiden
on the jacket,looking at two persons with the syndrome of down kissing each other...

Now i'm typing this..i'm checking the shape in question on  Google  again,because of this image:

The 1st coin(322BC),Hell!!minted in Babylon 322years before Christ!!looking at the shape of that hill with Google Satellite(Earth)....must really looking good,no false thing
checking if the angel above also is visible because the two lines on the head ,also exist on that mountain hill and i think i can see that,later on,must  really  spent some time with this one.
Read the topic before this one,with the Faces on Mars link.....and now in this time,so far with technology,history,and then this....the whole world is connected,from within and from the outside,and with space.
Really don't like "seeing" or already knowing Earth became an second Mars with shapes on it.

My philosophy:Mankind can only explore the Universe,if it leaves a healthy Earth for next generation.

Music......Movies......Situations In The E.U.........History.......Future........ Information......Technology........Energy.........Biodiversity.........Freedom........Religions/Culture..........Damn to much to linking here.
Fusions of Multinationals....think about V for Vendetta but then positive for people,Population......Faces On The Ground
Shit it's really to much,i'm gettting 

If i don't spinning an end on this topic,and focus for a moment on

while listening to some folk music
using green energy,to type this topic,while watching porn,and have this music on,and calculating things
with the help of this site,walking naked,and put everything on/in the right place,that all on one device,at the same time...yeah even pissing from the balcony in the grass!!!!that's good for the grass.sucking methane out of the sewer,and heat the room with it.

have a nice day. 

cold?kinetic energy,moving...
hot?shoot Kate Perry!
Cold Bloody Sucker.
Sure u don't kill Kate Perry,she's a human to.

only if she's a waste of energy....give her Beta blockers.

zaterdag 9 april 2011

Neptune..North-Pole Myth and Solar Consolation...Globe...

Hey here U Have:Neptune...

The 8 and most far away from our planet...they say...ow in this sys it is..mayB......mayB because pluto follows.....
Myth has a blockbuster to crack the whole Neptune myth on this Shitty globe......MayD
=H1 and so on.........Ow wait!!!On 1 o,clock,Coffee!!
6=F and that planet is a Fucker a death shitty globe in this Solar system look--->

got a lot of Moons also....

Only strange that some one call those moons unique worlds...........on 1
mickey mouse life
on another the snorkels,
the teletubby's also have a moon,to freeze to death
Far Cryogenic zone there......stupid shit unique worlds!!!
Yep and that ring is from Sonic Youth the Hedgedog.
Nr.6 of the moon is Titan and that's this sucker......Yankees Man
back!!Neptune Dark Cold And Icey,And the Dog is no whippet but windspeed is abnormal high and strong
.....hhhhmmm windturbines anyone
So happy holiday,Nasa wish us,we trade all the cold moons from Sega Saturn
out of box experience..

PS3,Alienwares.X360,and an Atari and for high tech Mag Lev Wind Turbines...and throw them around Neptune in the Arctic somehow,
53 can clear the job.
And if u have a cold in ur Deepthroat(green nasty shit out of ur troat,that u spit like a Lama in some ones face,u don't like)take 
before the world stops spinning,and...yes u know..... magnetic levitation Saturn.,but seethe carving lines...

One Ring..?

3 Rings back..?

And No..

and the globe in perfect line..

If it could be...
the thith line as an aureool around the North Pole,
To give some aura back,and more fauna,
not like this pls

See this phenomenon(you tube the others) ass a give back present for what flooded in the oceans.Bad sign,not healthy
Sleepless nights

This isn't the case 

And Mars don't have to fire a

in the future from close range....

In my eyes every planet,has got his chance,in the past...and what lived on it,
but hey,fuck like rabbits,create hightech,use it,and throw it away like a empty bottle of water without a screw Shell..
no genie in that botlle....

no party's at night,no gaming,snappie

maybe every-one in a electric wheelchair incl.young ones in about 50 á 100 years?
Who will tell.......Internet.....dailly life....

Nice life,Keep Everything Clean and Protect and Gamble
BECAUSE OF O2 u can call ON
from  SUN
pppppfffff MARS...LUNA
shit 2unlimited with all those faces,
MJ also with end of human race,
insect baked,crunchy
like chips,
and everyone fuck together,
just like vips,
hhhmmmm music for me,after spiralized those shit above in one crazy drive.

good day!