donderdag 3 maart 2011

only music...?

Maybe it's time for me,to tell the clever wiskids to make a deal by a data base content server that can store all the porn movies in the world,create an portal call the side: PornSpermwhale,or,another one,in the short past i've scanned a lot of comics,page by page scanning,took a lot of time,what has here in NL the format CBR,So why not one big database+portal named like hhmmm give it a name...ComicCentiped..back to PornWhale and don't forget ur Sperma...u and we all upload the content in store,from home movies to elevator movies,private movies,pro movies,on and on,some restrictions please)and then tell a joke to ur friends like:Eve was in her classroom on a Sunday,and the Teacher asked her(Boring of raping her each Sunday):Can u give me a name of an music instrument Eve?(boring of pedophilia with her Master)Eve said:Yes Master i know one!the teacher aka pedophile asked:which one?Eve!!!Eve afraid mumbling but with courage:IfISeeYourBagLikeThis(think about those scothish faggots)The teacher confused(just like Confucius those days) ,i have never heard about an  instrument like that??(fuck a sick thirth world,where they rape 10 year young girls,or put a cleaning towel on her head,that to show community she is sold for her12"birthday")ow fucking Hirch Ballin of MissJustitia,living at the age of 60 by his 72year of age mum with his sick minded control freak buddy and the same towel as the Somalian girl,that came together with her pirate father brought by lunatic marineshit that has no catch only losses these days(Damn what a sick confused world!!!) to protect the floor there before his shit fall on it!!,explain Eve?Eve said:Last night(Monday) i couldn't sleep because i had an nightmare of what u do to me every Sunday,strumbling down to my parents sleeping room,but before i wanted to open their door(she was afraid to tell the story about that horney teacher that was 85 years of age to her parents)i hear my mum saying to my dad:Ey fucker!!If i see your bag like this,then their is no music in it for  for me anymore!

end of story.Point!Ow tube i mean,which one of the 6?yeah an evolved bag!,not 5 but six,only on Sunday she was free,but her kid(only 4 years at age) was NOT that day that GOD thought fuck it,doing nothing more 6 days of attention giving, i go to sleep and the Sunday Times bastards wrote the whole bullshit on paper while he sleep with one hand,and with the  other hand at the same time pull on their shitdick),and yes only Tea that day came out!!other days they piss rotten poisoned radiated fish and baked chips in the North-Sea..bastards!!
strange huh,all that contradiction....bullshit happening in the world today.
Females riding SUV or Bigger to feel save when they crash against a wall,in fact no crash,but they  trying to splat  fucking retard judes(yeah the ones pretending being that Swedisch Girl:Pipi Langkous was her name)flat,and when that job was done for her(that's also why the prefer a big car,u can do more than one)and the story of this female blood against the wall but blood from an beardman with horsehair,pretending biieng  an Swedish young girl.and wanted to be raped by an old fucking TinyToonDick insane Churchmotherfucker!but they RUN!!!from diamont mine to Bruxelles,and has 50kids not out of his IfISeeYourBagLikeThis and rapping to his wife:So u want to be clean and have 6 washingmachines,5 contignents and 40 bitches,ppppfff The Cypressforrest on the hill,he already burned,throw the sand on it,like the light absorbs that wooden  stoned shit brick that gave him also nightmares(just like those Cleaningtowel Arabs that hate also a stonebrick only that one is black,and one Russian dude thought i make something out of it...YES Rubicks cube(s)and then a new flood came Bricks...Tetris,they all fall from the sky,ppppfff Sharia stoning and believe,meteorites yes,no fucking holy shit with 10 fingers and 10 tones horney as hell raping/earn money with it,SNAKES to kill yes!! and the Jude now digging for clues on mount Ararat with his Mohameds from Turkey to get the hell away from his personal nightmare... (p.s. keep this secret PRIVATE HUH!!)

Yeah Christ Yeah,where is he,i see and hear the name Mohamed,who also run to that,mountain in Turkey,1 Noah and a billion Turkish branded Animals(NUKE that mountain pls.)and everyshitmother/father Mo Slim or Is Lam or whatever type of shit relligion family that called their son Mohamed..and on.... may die,here in the Netherlands private schools(yes again)for them and they all got Numbers because if you call for one Mohamed then 666 skulls turn your way,schools build by "Imported" sheepholders from there,just after 6nd. world war,and other,and the biggest school got 666 Mohameds,wannabe Mr. Noble belt holders,like they play Sega Saturn these days and keep them on because the exploding shit are dummy's.Fuck off with the lazy bullshit.and let The jude who sold the forrest gump run as fast as hell,and go faster then that Jamaicain anabolic whatever no god Bolt asshole,who do only Usual things in life,all to that mountain,and get more pepper-spray in both asses,and getting faster and faster,while the globe stands still these days.DONE.and those suckers r not polishing the earth no,they 1st. trying to sell it,and the 2nd,or is it otherwise with nr.1 and nr.2 only wanna be nr1 with Google hits.pppfff if he runs 100m in a time -o,oooooo1sec,then he have my attention!!running 100m,day in day out,and do nothing in/for reality.........

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  1. Now i already have multiple sclerosis to,sitting in a wheelchair all day(that's bad)ow no the psych told me i got multiple layers of personality disfunction ,and that is why i'm commenting on my own topic,explaning to myself that he/u must try to get/buy some beer before closing time/or to short of amount,chill after that enjoy the music u upload or other ones,and handle urself..gL!!!!trying to score beer,before the oceans r empty!!!piss the shit out there to huh!

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